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Wart Remover Gel
Available Sizes: 
10 g (0.35 oz)


Flexitol Wart Remover Gel is specifically designed to painlessly remove warts on the skin. Flexitol Wart Remover Gel contains a unique formulation designed to remove warts effectively and safely. Its fast acting formula penetrates the skin’s various layers to ensure that all levels of the wart are removed with minimal damage to the skin.


Suitable for use on hands, feet, elbows, legs and other non-sensitive parts of the body.


This is a unique system that combines 4 different molecular sized AHA  (Glycolic acid, Lactic acid, Malic acid and Salicylic acid) to perform gentle exfoliation at different layers of skin.
Using one acid can only penetrate certain layers of skin due the limitation in its molecular mass. Using Multi Layer Penetration system, it is possible to eliminate tough skin on the epidermis, weakening the binding properties of the lipids that hold the dead skin cells together at different levels due to varying molecular sizes and penetration ability.

Other Added Benefits:

Arnica Montana
Arnica Montana flower extract is known for its wound healing, antiseptic and mild analgesic properties.
Menthol is used as an analgesic and imparts a refreshing and cooling effect.

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