"Thank you for making a quality product that actually works the way it says it should."

I recently purchased some of your Heel Balm because Walmart didn’t have any of your Hand Balm. I used it on my seriously peeling hands and as you advertised, it worked in about 3 days. I appreciate a company that has a product that works as advertised. Thanks

CJP, Talihina, USA

Blistop is amazing. I was getting blisters on my feet from running so much and this completely stopped the blisters. I had tried blister band aids, different running socks etc and nothing seemed to work. I have not had a blister since I started using it, which is essential when training for a marathon!

Runner, Illinois

Just to let you know your Heel Balm has, in just 4 days, healed my cracked heels. I’ve been using other products without success. So thanks! Finally a product which actually lives up to its claims!!!! Thanks for a great product...

Rich T., Canada

I just want to say a big 'Thank You' for Flexitol Heel Balm. Last week, I developed a pain in my heel and discovered a deep crack there. Despite using various creams the pain got worse, causing me discomfort in walking. Almost as soon as I applied your heel balm the pain eased and now, two days later, the pain has gone! I am absolutely delighted and will recommend your product to all my elderly patients. From a pain-free and soft-heeled customer!

Marian C., Devon, UK

I just want to say that I really like the Flexitol heel & foot balm. I purchased it 2 weeks ago to prepare for summer, because I have very dry feet. It is not often that products stick to their word when promising results, but this one did. It worked really well for me. Thank You!

Erin W., Canada