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scalp relief shampoo & conditioner

Good for Dry, itchy skin!!
Free from added fragrance and gentle on the skin. It rinses clean and leaves my skin feeling soothed and moisturized. My skin has been very itchy and sensitive, and using this in place of my usual soap is helping.

Meg, United States

Gentle on skin!
This wash has the texture of aloe Vera gel. The application goes on smoothly. I find it works best when I use my hand to spread it over my body. It lathers nicely and feels gentle. It left my skin feeling well moisturized

Neesy, United States

Love how it doesn’t irritate my skin!
This liquid soap is good. Doesn’t have scent. It cleans the skin well and leaves it soft. It’s great for sensitive skin. My skin feels clean and soft after showing.

Shirley, United States

Perfect for dry skin!
I suffer from cold-weather dry skin, and this soap is thick, moisturizing, and gentle on your skin, which is perfect.

Mark, United States

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