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scalp relief shampoo & conditioner

Great Product!
I was impressed with how fast this cream absorbs and how effective it is. It quickly moisturized my skin and does not leave a greasy feel. After using this product, I loved it so much that I also bought other Flexitol products (the hand balm as well as the heel balm).

ddrose, United States

Hydration is real!!
I used this product one time and saw a huge difference. Putting this one on autoship.

Karla A., United States

Love it!
This cream really helped with my dry shins. Winter and wearing sweats at home seem to suck my skin dry. Love the stuff. I also use this brand’s other creams for my feet and hands.

Sharla P., United States

Great moisturizer!
Keeps my hands soft during chemo. I love the way it feels.

Lena S., United States

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